Texture FX - Mini- Schablonenset

alle iwata ( artool ) Schablonen sind Lösemittelbeständig.      17,0 x 12,5cm  


Because of an advanced proprietary technology from Artool, natural and organic illustration effects can now be achieved like never before with the Texture FX Freehand Airbrush Templates by Gerald Mendez. You can easily use these organic textures to create hyper-living qualities with your artwork.

Artool Texture FX Templates are produced using a special polymer-coated material and are solvent resistant. With proper care and without folding, Texture FX Templates will withstand years of repeated use.

Create unlimited textural possibilities: rocks, stone textures, outer space scenes, splashes, an endless variety of backgrounds, textural graphics, detailed reptilian skin effects and so much more

Artikelnummer: 1499
Modellnummer: FHTFX1MS

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