artool Carbon fiber FX - Schablonenset 200 494

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artool Carbon fiber FX - Schablonenset 200 494

alle iwata ( artool ) Schablonen sind Lösemittelbeständig.
Größe: 7 Zoll x 9 Zoll ( ca. 17,7cm x 23cm ) Set beinhaltet 2 Schablonen

Carbon Fiber FX

I have been creating Carbon Fiber FX™ in my artwork since 2002 with awesome results which appear to be absolutely carbon fiber real!

To accomplish a good carbon fiber look, it took many hours of precision airbrushing and taping and not always with great success Now you can reproduce this awesome look with the Artool® Carbon Fiber FX™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates. Create carbon fiber on anything: helmets, vehicles, parts, RC cars, hobby projects, planes, wherever your mind’s eye can take you.

With Carbon Fiber FX™, airbrushing is much simpler, efficient and has just the right sharpness. The best advantage of the Carbon Fiber FX™ is that you can create a dynamic look with a multitude of color choices in many degrees of contrast in short order!

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