artool - Bone Headz Schablonen-Set Screamers 200 469

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artool - Bone Headz Schablonen-Set Screamers 200 469

alle iwata ( artool ) Schablonen sind Lösemittelbeständig.


Bone Headz Schablonen-Set (4) Screamers

Set mit 4 Schablonen4 gleiche Schablonen in den Größen :
SM 6 Zoll x 4.75 Zoll

MED 8 Zoll x 6.25 Zoll

LG 10.5 Zoll x 8.25 Zoll

XLG 13.7 Zoll x 11 Zoll


iwata Nr. VIMFHBH2



by Mike Lavallee
The new Artool BONEHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates designed by Mike Lavallee is fresh from the grave. Fasten your seat belts, the raising the dead just got horrific! For a few years the world of kustom painting hasn’t been the same since the creation of Mike’s True Fire ® airbrushing techniques. Now Mike turns up the heat a few notches with his outrageous skull offerings, which are sure win over the hearts ‘n souls of kustom auto painters everywhere. They’ll save you a ton of time in creating something completely wicked for your rod or chopper. There are two sets of BONEHEADZ to choose from, which contain 4 sizes in SM through XLG: CRANIUM (FH BH 1), SCREAMERS (FH BH 2) and EIGHT8DEAD (FH BH 3). These realistic skulls highlight a myriad of angles, sizes and looks for any skullicious project you can conjure up!

The Artool® BONEHEADZ™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates make raising the dead a snap! No more grave robbin’ and late-night diggin’ to deal with for the fresh look of human skulls.

I especially like using BONEHEADZ™ for doing both sides of motorcycle tanks and helmets. Painting both skulls exactly the same on each side of a compound surface can be challenging — with BONEHEADZ™ it’s a breeze. To achieve this dynamic effect, simply flip the template over and you’ll have the perfect mirror image which will cut your skull paintin’ time in half!

I designed BONEHEADZ™ for Artool® with the serious skull painter in mind. These realistic skulls highlight a variety of angles, sizes and looks for nearly any project. There’s nothing like making your skulls lively to express their bad-ass attitude!
  –Mike Lavallee  

The new Artool HOTHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates are now available at your favorite Iwata-Medea-Artool supplier.

Art.-ID 16165
Zustand Neu & OVP
Altersfreigabe Ohne Altersbeschränkung
Varianten-ID 9 200469
Modell FHBH2
Hersteller artool
Herstellungsland USA
Inhalt 1 Stück
Gewicht 100 g
Zolltarifnummer 39269091

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